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Holland: a holiday amidst the tulip fields.

Famous for its tulips

The Netherlands are worldwide known for several things. Most possibly, you as a tourist, associate Holland with windmills, wooden shoes, weed, Johan Cruijff and tulips. Tulips are important as a tourist attraction, but also as an export product, selling extremely big quantities, but what’s even more important: the tulips are of a marvellous quality too.

Tulips are lovely looking flowers and a field full of tulips in several colors is nice to walk through, so when you are on a vacation to Holland: just  relax and spend some time between these lovely flowers.

Claude Monet loved to paint tulips

Even Claude Monet, the famous 19th century painter loved the softly waving tulip fields in the Dutch Westland between Amsterdam and The Hague. Monet painted these fields, so that they would be worshipped forever. Many people that like to paint for their hobby also painted tulips since then, as tulips are a grateful subject. So that could make a trip to the flower fields an idyllic mellifluous experience. Thus if you like flowers, especially warm colourful flowers, a holiday in Holland would be recommended.

Bustrip through tulip fields 

Most people who adore flowers go to the bloom field hotspots in Het Westland, the province Noord-Holland or De Noordoostpolder. The region Noordoostpolder has the most tulip bulbs of whole Holland. And, every year during spring thousands of people go the area  and become overwhelmed by the ebullient, dulcet blooming tulip fields.

Tulips blooming

Tulip fields blooming in Holland

The region Noordoostpolder is not as close as Het Westland from Amsterdam but the one hour trip by train or car takes such a little of your time that it is worth it all. Else you can visit a few of the tulip fields in the villages around Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam you can find companies that offer bus trips along the so-called bulb routes leading you through the flower fields. It’s also possible to enjoy the tulips fields during a boat trip. The boats navigate close enough to get a good view and it adds somehow a redolent  zenith to your vacation.

Find tulip bulbs on the flower market

But when you come to Holland you want to see blooming flowers. So make sure you go to the Netherlands during spring and most favourable is the period from April fifteen well into June. Maybe you will find some time to visit a tulip museum. Here, you will find different aspects of the tulips, the bulbs and for example vases. The bulbs are very popular to take home to your own country.

Many bulbs and seeds are found at the flower market in Amsterdam. The flower market is easy to find when you are checking out Amsterdam. The Amsterdam flowermarket is in the city centre next to one of the Amsterdam canals called the Singel, which is situated inside the Grachtengordel, the famous Dutch Belt of Canals. You can choose out of a versatile offer of different tulips, That has to be, just because  there are very much different varieties of tulips; namly more then hundred thousand.

yellow tulips

yellow tulips

The colours can be very diverse like yellow, red or orange or white like snow and some have multiple colours like deep red with a few purple speckles. Halms can vary from short to long.

Visit a flower auction

If you are really serious about the tulips, then maybe you would like to go to a flower auction. Flower auctions are very big, they process all the flowers that are cultivated in the Netherlands and are prepared to go to the shops or are made ready for worldwide export. People can visit the auctions, there are possibilities for the visitors to go to Aalsmeer, which is the biggest flower auction of the world at the moment. You don’t need to announce in advance you are coming, but make sure you will go early because most business is done between seven and eleven. In the weekends and during Dutch national holidays the auction is closed. Of course you can buy the best flowers while you are at an auction like the one in Aalsmeer. Aalsmeer is very close to Schiphol Amsterdam, the main airport of the Netherlands.



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